Why Choose Us – The Urban Difference

The Urban approach to property is different from any other offering in the marketplace. Primarily, this is due to our general business approach – we are far more interested in cultivating long term relationships than getting “runs on the board” like so many of our competitors.

The success of our Commercial Business has been largely due to the shift in the industry that our brand represents. We aren’t Real Estate Agents – we are Real Estate Professionals. Our team, apart from having a decade of experience in the industry, all come from a variety of experiential and educational backgrounds. We have Law Degrees, a Commerce Degree, an MBA, a Bachelor of Business and Agricultural qualifications amongst our team – as well as our Property qualifications of course. We don’t mention this to blow our own trumpet – just to illustrate the difference in our approach. We believe in building long term trust in the same way you would with your Accountant, Financial Planner or Lawyer.

Let us show you how this approach works in real terms:


Accordinfg to Sponsoredlinx Business Growth, Marketing is crucial when it comes to property as everyone knows. You need your property to stand out from the rest to help you get the most interest, and subsequently the best result. We believe in developing a personalized marketing plan for every single property that we have the privilege of selling or leasing – every property is different, every suburb is different and every owner is different….so every Marketing Plan should be different.

We will help develop a plan that not only ensures that your property gets the attention it deserves, but one that works to your budget and needs. Marketing can turn into quite an expensive exercise for a Vendor – so it’s important to make sure all marketing is there to serve the person that’s paying for it…..you. We won’t push you into spending excess marketing dollars that serve no purpose other than promoting our own brand – the best marketing that our business can invest in is word of mouth; and that only comes from a happy vendor who doesn’t feel cheated. We can also include in our plan a marketing platform like the ones at Victorious an effective marketing strategy.


One of our core values, both internally and externally, is good transparent communication. As all of our Commercial clients will attest to, we are always accessible and consistently go above and beyond to keep you in the loop. You’ll never find us dodging you or putting you down the priority list while we are too busy chasing our next listing. Good communication is the key to you having your expectations met and hopefully exceeded – we pride ourselves on it.




Strong negotiation skills are key to a good result. The difference between us and many of our competitors is we don’t believe in the hard sell approach. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer or renter – the last thing you want is someone trying to manipulate you via “tried and tested selling techniques” that others employ. We make sure that we understand your expectations from the start and we will give you an honest appraisal of how realistic they are. We believe the key to getting the best possible result is through honest negotiation based on realistic expectations.


 Our Team


Our staff live and breathe our ethos. We have worked very hard and patiently to build the right team for our business that line up with our culture and values. It’s the reason that we have had almost zero attrition in six years – we lock the right people down and provide them with a workplace that they feel proud to be a part of. This is not just a job for any of us – and you will see the difference that makes in the service we deliver.