Selling Advice


A big part of selling a property is presentation. We provide access to the most effective and state of the art marketing tools and methods to get the public interested – but there are things you can do to help keep their interest when they inspect the property:

  • If possible, repainting rooms inside your house or property can make a world of difference with it’s presentation. If you are unable to undertake major work, it’s still helpful to identify and repair small areas and do touch ups.
  • People don’t always notice a clean window, but it’s very easy to notice a dirty one. During the marketing of your property, it’s advantageous to ensure the windows and window frames are clean
  • Give your walls and ceilings a wash if they need it – you’d be amazed at the difference it can make to your overall presentation
  • An inoperable light globe isn’t a major cause for concern for a buyer, but it’s a good idea to make sure they are all working prior to inspections – good illumination improves your presentation.
  • It may seem obvious, but it’s very important to make sure all of your exposed surfaces are nice and clean.
  • Backyards and frontyards (if your property has them) can be a big selling point for a potential purchaser. Make sure yours is well maintained and presented.
  • Try and de-clutter as much as possible. De-cluttering helps show off the space of your property and helps a potential purchaser visualise the property in it’s best possible state.
  • Smell is a powerful sense and can leave a positive or a negative impression of a property. Candles, Fresh Coffee or Flowers are a nice touch to make the property feel welcoming and homely.

If your finances permit, it can be very advantageous to organise a professional clean of the property prior to opening it to the public. We would be more than happy to recommend a number of local companies that can assist you with this at a competitive rate.

We are also lucky enough to have a trained and experienced interior designer on staff who can help advise you on the best possible presentation of your property.


A large part of our success to date is our ability and willingness to communicate effectively with our clients. With that in mind, we hope to create a relationship with you that allows you to communicate openly and honestly with us. You understand your property better than we do and you probably understand your neighbourhood better than we do – the more information you can provide us with, the better we can assist you in getting a great result.